ኢትዮጵያ የመቶ አመት ታሪክ ያላት አገር ናት የሚሉት ለአገራችን የወቁቱ ፖለቲከኞ – ከታሪክ ምሁራን ከዶ/ር ቡሻ እና ከዶ/ር ክቡር

ኢትዮጵያ የመቶ አመት ታሪክ ያላት አገር ናት የሚሉት ለአገራችን የወቁቱ ፖለቲከኞ – ከታሪክ ምሁራን ከዶ/ር ቡሻ እና ከዶ/ር ክቡር

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  1. Shukri Ahmed

    .One Shegitu Dadi, a very forward looking Oromo woman has the following to say on confederation. I’m copying and pastion her write-up without her authorization hoping that she’ll not mind.

    “Here is how to save Amharas, Oromos and the country.

    Once again in our recent history, Amharas have emerged as the holders of the MASTER key to solve Ethiopia’s multifaceted problems . How? By opting for confederation.

    Amharas have no choice but to move for confederation simply because federation in the Ethiopian context does not work.

    As a polirized multi-ethnic country, Ethiopia will not have a fair and free election without the opression of one or another ethnic group. Hence, democracy is an illusion that cannot be realized. The way Oromo rose to power and now control the entire country through proxy regional governments is the proof. Tigreans did it for the last thirty years and Oromos have stepped in Tigreans shoes to impose similar one ethnic group rule. With their number and size of their region, Oromo opressive rule will be much worse than Tigrean`s. Give another ten years to Oromo rule, Ethiopia will be the tail of the world by all standards of measure.

    So, it is time for Amharas to exercise their constitutional right to self-determnation and vote on confederation. If they adopt conederation, it will give them the opportunity to attract direct foreign investment since confederation will enable them to have economic diplomats and even have embasies abroad cutting the Oromo controlled foreign ministry diverting foreign investment to Oromia and other favoured regions. Amharas can also have a defense force which will protect them from foreign invaders including ethnic Oromo organizations.

    The Belgian model of confederation which appears to hep advance Amhara interests is something to explore.

    In any event, Ethiopia needs vast decentralization resembling confederation since the federalism the country has adopted is notheing other than unitarism in disguise. Controlled from the centre, it has miserably failed to develop the country let alone prosper and ensure safety and security of its citizens. The chaos we see in the country right now has much to do with lack of development (in all sectors) and security. Both have proven beyond the capacity of the federal government to provide.Change of government at federal level is not the answer for these problems.

    Tigreans have floated the idea of confederation, Amharas must follow. Tigreans know that they will not be fairly treated under Oromo rule; as a result, their choice of confederation appears just. Amharas must seize the opportunity to decide their destiny via self-determination as well without wasting another decade under incompetent Oromo rule. Despite all the atrocities they have committed, Tigreans are being heard and embraced by the Oromo rule since Oromos now feel tobe the savours of Ethiopia.

    Folks! Don’`t be fooled!. Oromos pretend to be “savours” only if they rule the entire country as one piece. Like any other ethnic group that aspire to oppress and dominate , they are after resources. If Amharas want to be heard and embraced as Tigreans, they have to go for confederation. If confederation does not work, they have to say good bye to the Ethiopian state.

    It is outdated for Amharas to hang on “mama ethiopia” cry since nobody in the country is interested in it any more. What Amharas got from this cry is atrocotoes, redicule and shame. All these on Amhara because they gave Oromos and other ethnic groups a country which they are not ready and willing to let go. If Amhara Insist on confederation, Oromos might call the army on it to protect the unity of the country! That will make them a laghing stock since they were in the forefront to weaken the unity of the country. Now they cannot be alllowed to reverse gear.

    Amhara! Wake up and smell the coffee. Tell Oromos that you want confederation – if not confederation then separation. Oromo crack down will soften even disappear as it did for Tigreans if Amara opt for confederation. But the idea is not to see Oromo softening on Amhara, it is to seek real confederation as a wayout from decades long quagmire. Oromo softeneing does not take Amharas anywhere.

    Try it! It will work and catapult Amhara development and growth to the sky and ensure their security. It will eventually liberate Oromos too from their bloody distructive path poised to takie everybody else down with them.

    For us, Oromos, conederation is also the answer. ”


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በትሮይ ፈረስነት የመከራና የውርደት አገዛዝን ማራዘም ይብቃን!!!   

June 16, 2024 ጠገናው ጎሹ በሥልጣነ መንበር ላይ የሚፈራረቁ ባለጌ፣ ሴረኛ፣ ሸፍጠኛና ጨካኝ ገዥ ቡድኖች መከረኛውን ህዝብ ከአስከፊ ድንቁርና እና ከሁለንተናዊ የመከራና የውርደት ዶፍ ጋር እንዲለማመድ  ከሚያደርጉባቸው እጅግ በጭካኔ  የተሞሉ ዘዴዎቻቸው መካከል ኮሚቲ፣

ኑሮ የከበዳቸው የመንግሥት ሠራተኞች የምሳ ሰዓትን በቤተ እምነቶች እያሳለፉ መሆኑ ተነገረ

ሲሳይ ሳህሉ / ቀን: June 16, 2024 የቤት ኪራይ መክፈል ያልቻሉ ተደብቀው ቢሮ ውስጥ ያድራሉ ተብሏል መንግሥት የሚከፍላቸው ወርኃዊ ደመወዝ አልበቃ ያላቸው የመንግሥት ሠራተኞች የምሳ ሰዓታቸውን ወደ ቤት እምነቶች በመሄድ፣ እንዲሁም ቤት

ህገ መንግስታዊ ዲዛይን ምርጫዎቻችን የትኞቹ ናቸው?

ኤፍሬም ማዴቦ (emadebo@gmail.com ) እኛ ኢትዮጵያዊያን እራሳችንን ስንገለጽ የረጂም ግዜ ሥልጣኔና ታሪክ ያለን፣በነጭ ያልተገዛን፣ከ2000 አመት በላይ ተከታታይ የመንግስት ሥርዓት ያለን፣የሦስቱ ዘመን ያስቆጠሩ አብርሃማዊ ሃይማኖቶች አገር ነን እያልን ነው። ነገር ግን ባለፉት ሃምሳ አመታት
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