Adopted Ethiopian girl Hana found dead, she was maybe abused


Adopted girl’s death prompts neglect investigation in Sedro Woolley

SEDRO WOOLLEY, Wash. – An investigation into possible neglect is under way after an adopted 13-year-old girl died at a home in Skagit County.

Hana Grace Williams, who was adopted from Ethiopia in 2008, was found dead on May 12 in the yard of her home. The Skagit County Medical Examiner’s Office said she died of hypothermia.

A source close to the investigation said Hana was 30 pounds lighter than when she arrived from Ethiopia.

The Washington state Department of Social and Health Services says all eight of her siblings have been removed from the home. The prosecutor’s office said it is still waiting for more information before making a decision on charges.

Hana’s parents could not be reached for comment Sunday.

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crabcake said on August 1, 2011 at 8:59 AM

We have heard from people who attended the court hearings regarding custody of the children that there are serious allegations of egregious abuse of Hana and the other children. These reports are coming directly from the some of the surviving siblings who witnessed the events that led to this young girl’s death. This was no “accident” by any means. From what I’ve heard, it was methodical abuse, torture and starvation of Hana, ultimately ending when she was locked outside as punishment. Something is VERY wrong when a child loses 30 lbs after being adopted . . . . that doesn’t just happen on it’s own. There needs to be JUSTICE for Hana, and there needs to be protection for the surviving children who NEVER need to go back to that abusive/cruel environment. Please help make sure that justice is served. . . . don’t let this case be swept under the rug. Children’s lives are depending on the legal system doing what it needs to do. Rest in Peace, Hana.

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