Sport: መሠረት ደፋር የ5ሺህ ማጣሪያ ያሸነፈችበት ቪድዮ

ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ:  የአንድ ሳምንት የጦር ድል|ዶ/ር ይልቃል ትኬት ቆረጠ | ደመቀ አማላጅ ሆነ | ፋኖ ዕቅዱን ይፋ አደረገ


  1. Here name correct one is Mesert Jifaar. I don’t think her dad will be happy about the name change from Jifaar to Dafar. Imagine your daughter change her father name to fit to the policy of Ethiopia (amharanization). There are a lot of real things that a young people see that country is wromg against diversity. I am sure Mesert was afraid to change to the right name of her father. Imagine if she is your daughter?

  2. Ethiopian athletes shine once again on the world stage.

    Mohammed Aman 800m Gold- FIRST EVER ETHIOPIAN ATHLETE
    Sofia Assefa 3000 steeplechase Bronze – FIRST EVER ETHIOPIAN ATHLETE

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