Recruiting Assistant

August 26, 2011

Humera – Administrative and Professional Staffing

Friday, August 26, 2011

Minneapolis, MN

Administrative / Clerical

Job Type

Employment Status
Full Time

$16.00 – $18.00

Further information

Recruiting Assistant: Humera, formerly Dolphin Staffing, is hiring a Recruiting Assistant for a local railroad company located in downtown Minneapolis. Job Duties: •Prescreening internal candidates for a variety of local and national positions;
•Managing multiple requisitions at one time and being held accountable for filling requisitions in a timely manner;
•Updating personnel files with selection information and keeping all details confidential;
•Conducting behavioral interviews;
•Assisting in a wide range of ad-hoc special projects as needed.
Required Skills: •Bachelor’s Degree in a related field;
•Strong competency in Microsoft Office;
•Experience working in an applicant tracking system;
•Experience in conducting behavioral interviews.

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