Barcelona edges out Manchester United as highest earning team from the 2010-11 Champions League

August 17, 2011

(By Kieran Crowley)
UEFA paid out a total of 754.1 million euros to clubs participating in the Champions League with Barca gaining the most, finishing just ahead of Man United.
Barcelona profited the most from last year’s Champions League according to figures produced by UEFA, with the tournament winner edging out Manchester United in terms of total earnings generated from the 2010-11 competition.

The Spanish champion picked up 51.025 million euros for its performances and money from the television market pool, and also gained an extra 9 million euros for lifting the trophy for the fourth time.

United meanwhile gained 53.197 million euros in payments from UEFA, bringing in more than 27 million euros for its performance from the Champions League group stage onwards, and gaining a further 25.9 million euros out of the television market pool. United also picked up 5.6 million euros for finishing second in the competition.

Chelsea was another major earner from the Champions League, as the club collected 44.523 million euros for its performances and television rights.

The London outfit was third on the list of high earners, ahead of other big European clubs such as Schalke, Real Madrid, Inter, Bayern Munich and Tottenham.

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