Ethiopia: Unity Is Power

May 10, 2011

(Ogaden Online) Regardless of our differences in language, culture or religion, all the panellists agree the power of unity. All also see the need for a united front against Meles’s tyranny and total economic domination of Ethiopia. The panellists saw the need for putting a stop to the Woyane-driven genocide being committed in places such as the Ogaden and Oromia. Furthermore, the panellists emphasized the need for a united front against Western indifference to what the Meles regime is doing in Ethiopia.

In order to build unity within the disparate communities in Ethiopia, the panellists believe that the unity must be based on the restoration of the inalienable right for all Ethiopians to decide their own destiny.

The panellists believe that such unity could be achieved based on trust amongst the disparate communities. Such unity must also be enhanced through constant communication amongst the groups in order to guard against mistrust and suspicious that the Meles regime would certainly create. Finally the panellists emphasize the need for pooling resources to achieve the common objectives.

While the panellists were buoyed by the large crowd that attended in today’s gathering, they believe that our differences should be viewed as strength instead of a liability that Meles’s administration has made it and exploited it to its advantage.
Alo Aydahis, Jawar Mohamed, Mohamed Hassan, Abebe Belew and Obang Metho
May 7, 2011 Toronto, Canada

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