Video: Car crashes into Ethiopian man in America

A car is seen smashing into a shop worker before reversing and speeding off in terrifying footage of a hit and run.

Gejea Ejeta from Ethiopia, 24, was left for dead after a Dodge Calibersent him flying through the window.

The 7-Elevenworker, from Philadelphia, had been putting out the trash when the car hit him at full speed in Yeadon, Penn.
The driver who was caught on camera allegedly crashing her car into a supermarket worker outside his store and then running away has turned herself into authorities.

Willaisha S. Rankins, 32, a nurse from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, says she is the woman pictured on a CCTV video in the heart-stopping hit and run outside a store in Yeadon, Pennsylvania.

Gejea Ejeta, 24, was replacing a bin bag outside the 7-Eleven on June 9 when a silver 2007 Dodge Caliber crashed into him, propelling him through the window.

The CCTV footage initially shows one car approaching slowly to a parking bay in front of the shop.

A silver car then approaches at speed, cutting across the other vehicle, mounting the pavement and thumping into Mr Ejeta. A back-seat passenger then opens the door and commando rolls away.

A woman in a low-cut floral dress gets out the front passenger seat and casually walks off, glancing back once to the accident before appearing to check her cell phone.

ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ:  በጎንደር ህዝቡ ደፍሮ በአደባባይ ተቃውሞውን አሰማ (VIDEO)

The car then reverses at high-speed from the car park before driving away as two employees come running from the shop.

Tyhese Pitts, who was travelling in the car, also handed himself into police on Tuesday.

Police later recovered the car in Philadelphia but were still looking for Rankins earlier this week, who they believed was driving the vehicle.

Mr Ejeta was taken to a hospital with leg injuries but was released the next day.

He is currently recovering at his home but has not been able to return to work.

Rankins surrendered herself to authorities on Friday and was being held on $40,000 bail.