Ze Habesha LLC

Ze Habesha LLC is an Ethiopian American media company based in Minnesota, with presence in the print and broadcast media. Zehabesha strives to provide unbiased information to the ever-growing Ethiopian American community and works toward bridging cultures by printing a bi-monthly newspaper in Amharic.
Ze-Habesha Newspaper strives to provide fair and unbiased information to the community, and is committed to separating news and views, while covering broad areas of health, education, politics and sports. Ze-habesha pages are dedicated to informing its readers, and its editorial section is committed to advocating various philosophies and positions regarding the community. As the motto succinctly describes it, “Truth is the winner!”
Ze-Habesha is a diversified news and information newspaper that represents America’s local and national Ethiopian community. Ze-habesha is a free bilingual newspaper with production based in the Minnesota. Zehabesha, published bi-monthly by the Ze-Habesha LLC, has been in publication for 2 years. As of early 2008, Ze-Habesha has subscribers, with a total circulation of 10,000 copies in Major Twin cites areas, including South Dacota., Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, DC, and etc…
Ze-Habesha Newspaper has a number of blogs that are updated regularly with community events and news. Please Visit us every time www.Zehabesha.com

ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ:  ጋዜጠኛ ውብሸት ታዬ ይቅርታው ተቀባይነት እንዳላገኘ የሚገልጽ ደብዳቤ ከፍትህ ሚኒስቴር ደረሰው